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Companion Animal Services

Wellness plans for your pets

Similar to a human having a routine physical each year, we develop a health plan for pet based on your pet’s lifestyle, environment, stage of life, and specific health issues. We’ll schedule a vaccination plan, recommend preventive medications (heartworm medication, flea tick preventative, de-wormer), and monitor your pet’s health through annual testing which may include a full chemistry panel, CBC, fecal analysis, urinalysis, and/or thyroid evaluation. The goal is to identify potential problems before they cause major health issues.

Diagnostic Services

includes complete blood count, full chemistry panel, thyroid evaluation, Lyme testing, Heartworm testing, digital radiography, fecal testing for internal parasites, urine analysis

General Surgical Service

includes spay and neuter, soft tissue, abdominal, mass removal, and laceration/wound repair. We do not offer orthopedic surgical service at this time.

Dental Services

Is your dog showing signs of tooth pain, such as drooling more than usual or bad breath? Your pet’s teeth and gums should be checked at least once a year to check for early signs of a problem and to keep your pet’s mouth healthy. The process begins with an oral exam of your pet’s mouth. Radiographs (x-rays) may be needed to evaluate the health of the jaw and the tooth roots below the gumline. After the initial exam, services include all aspects of oral health care- cleaning, adjustment, filing, extraction, or repair of your pets' teeth.

Mobile companion animal service (we make house calls)

We make house calls to assist loving pet owners who may have difficulty leaving their home- such as seniors & the physically impaired. Our mobile service can be for sick/injured animals, or for a routine checkup with vaccinations. We will bring everything to you in order to complete a thorough examination of your pet. In most cases we will bring the necessary items for basic diagnostics. If it is determined that a further work up is needed, or that treatment is unable to be done at the home, we will assist in transporting your beloved companion to the clinic.

In house CBC and chemistry analyzer

A chemistry panel (also termed a biochemical profile), includes tests for multiple chemical constituents within one blood sample. The quantities of these chemicals can reveal many things about the various organs of the body. Most veterinary chemistry panels evaluate the blood for signs of disease in the liver, kidneys, pancreas, blood proteins and electrolytes.

A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to measure and evaluate cells that circulate in the blood of the dog or other animal. The test includes an actual counting of red and white blood cells as well as an analysis of cells viewed on a blood smear. A CBC is indicated in any ill animal. The test is often done prior to anesthesia to evaluate overall health. A CBC may be useful as a screening test for underlying infection, anemia and illness.

Digital radiography

In home euthanasia