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Real Patient

Large Animal Services

Comprehensive herd health programs

Diagnostic Services

include complete blood count, full chemistry panel, evaluation of calcium/phosphorus/magnesium, USDA certified Johnes testing, Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) ELISA, Bovine Pregnancy blood testing, antibiotic residue testing, mastitis Mycolplasma culturing, full mastitis milk lab, fecal testing for internal parasites

General surgical services

includes general abdominal surgery, soft tissue, and laceration/wound repair

General medical services

Herd vaccination protocols

Herd records analysis

DairyComp 305

Ultrasonography for early pregnancy diagnosis

In addition to early pregnancy diagnosis in cattle we can use our ultrasounds to determine the sex of a fetus. The best time to do this is between 60-90 days of pregnancy.

Fetal sexing

Embryo transfer

Bull breeding soundness evaluation

In house chemistry analyzer

BVD ELISA testing

USDA certified for Johnes testing

Antibiotic residue testing

Milk quality lab

24/7 emergency care for large animals